We like to try to meet regularly. These meetups used be called co-ops, but it is more of a social gathering than a strictly educational one. There are a lot of social skills being learned, but its all very informal.

These meetups themselves are low-key coloring and craft activity events and there will be a movie playing for the kids that don’t want to color/craft and just want to chill. The movie selection is kind of in the air. One (or more) of our leaders will bring a few choices and you can bring a few of your (or your child’s) favorites and we’ll pick one to view at the meeting. We’ll have a DVD player that’s BluRay capable. What movie we’ll be able to watch will depend mightily on who’s in attendance on any given day, but rest assured they are all movies that can be played in a church.

A few housekeeping details: 

  • This is not a drop-off event.
  • All abilities and siblings are welcome.
  • Bringing in your snack/food is totally ok – no expectation of sharing or providing for the group.
  • The building does remain locked during this time for the security of the preschool. Contact information is given to be let into the building.

Join us! 🙂 If you’d like to join us at one of these meetups, please feel free to contact us for more information. Locations, schedule updates, etc. are posted to our online groups. We’d love to have you join us online too!