“We are all people in process.”

This is the opening line to, “Homeschooling Children with Special Needs”, by Sharon C. Hensley, MA.  It is a great read.

If you arrived at this website, chances are, you are not only a person in process, but a parent in process as well.   Perhaps you are looking for support and encouragement?  Maybe you’re looking for resources and/or curriculum ideas? Social activities for your family and children?

Our hope is that Journeys provides opportunities for us to learn and grow together as people, parents, and teachers as we learn to (or continue to) homeschool our children with special needs.

We welcome you to this website, our community, and our collective journey.  Bring your ideas, struggles, success stories, and your hopes for your child!

Our Vision

Journeys was founded in September of 2013 to specifically serve families homeschooling children and teens with special needs. Membership is free. Our goal is to provide an inclusive atmosphere spanning medical, neurological, behavioral, and psychological diagnoses; to provide support and encouragement to parents; to share resources, and to provide social opportunities for all our members.