We are excited to start offering cooking classes! These classes will cover simple meals, kitchen and food safety, and independence.

If you are interested in your child taking a cooking class with us, please fill out this Registration Form. There is no cost to filling out this form. This gives us important information about your child should she/he attend a class – such as allergies and triggers.

If you’ve already registered, please make sure to RSVP to an upcoming class via reply email to the event reminder or commenting on the relevant Facebook post. We aim to have one cooking class per month.

If you haven’t joined Journeys 4 Special Needs online yet, please do! You’ll get emailed reminds from our calendar, and/or be a part of our Facebook community.


Each class is $5 to help cover food and supplies. Each child will have their own non-food supplies to reuse in future classes, which will help keep costs down. There’s no fee for registering (above). The class fee is payable upon arrival to the class.

Be Prepared for Saftey

Participants should not have any long or loose sleeves and have their hair tied back (or at least a headband or a hat or something to keep hair out of the food prep).
Please also make sure to have your fingernails clean as well. We will be covering hand washing, but it is easier if nails are cleaned beforehand.


What ages are included?

The kids that regularly attend Journeys are between 9 and 17 years old. Older youth are welcome to attend. If your child is younger, we ask that they not attend the cooking classes, since this is not a kitchen specifically equipped for children. All ages are more than welcome to our regular Thursday meetups.

Do I need to bring anything?

You don’t need to bring any cooking supplies or food. Please make sure your hair is tied back, and that your sleeves are either short or can be rolled up.

Feel free to bring along your child’s favorite fidget. They can’t play with it while in the kitchen, but there are inevitable downtimes (or even breaks that the child needs to take) and there is a small room just outside the kitchen (connected) to sit and take that break.